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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rock the Desert Part 2

I made it home this morning around 7. I do not expect to have time to sleep until later this afternoon because of a busy Sunday. However, tired and exhausted and filthy - I loved Rock the Desert.

Just some scattered, sleepy thoughts on the bands in case you are wondering.

The Wedding was okay - lots of screaming - screaming is not my favorite. But I loved their introduction line. Loud scream into the mic, "We are the Wedding ...... and you know who you are.......let's rock!

Day of Fire - I am totally a new fan. This was probably the most musically talented group there. The bass player, lead guitarist, and drummer were incredible. They played a variety of styles, even an acoustic number about Jesus walking the dark ways to find those of us who are struggling to walk in the light. I was very impressed. Again - lots of screaming - but understandable lyrics.

Disciple - I bought the T-shirt because it was my favorite design. This band was good, they did a really high-energy, head-banging, heavy metal show. I did not like them as well as Day of Fire.

Hawk Nelson - Just didn't do it for me. I know he's some of my friends' favorite, but for me he was a little young - a great listen for teens. Talented, but more the flavor Grace would be interested in.

Red - I missed this one for the most part because I was busy talking on the phone. It sounded pretty good from where I was. Not crazy about the lead singer's green/blue eyeliner. I think if you are going to use eyeliner as a guy, it has to be black.

Switchfoot - I really enjoyed. I like this band and am familiar with most of their stuff. I loved it when the lead singer took a cymbal from the drummer and ran around on stage playing it. The guy behind me and I discussed the option of using this solo technique in worship. He is apparently in a very traditional church, since he said he could do it once before he got fired. Lots of great stories behind their songs.

Oh - and there was one more technique that we should use in worship (sarcasm) - The lead singers of all these bands at some point laid down on their backs on stage while screaming into the microphone. Very interesting technique.

Overall, this weekend I saw a lot of incredible talent. It was a little more head-banging than I would normally listen to, but I loved how much fun the bands were having performing. Everybody that I saw on stage seemed thrilled to have the privilege to be playing together. I also loved the excitement among the teens as they were able to listen to a genre of music that they enjoy, but with positive, uplifting lyrics.

Thanks to my friend who took good care of this concert festival "virgin". I brought a suitcase with a change of clothes. She brought lawn chairs, snacks, a cooler, water, umbrellas, a canopy to shade us from the sun, picnic supplies, sunscreen, paper towels, wippees, etc. When trying something new, it is always great to go with a friend with experience. Her preparations definitely made the weekend go smoothly.

*We set up the canopy/tent thing in less than 10 minutes! We even got compliments from the people sitting around staring at the two chicks wrestling the thing up all by ourselves. With my track record with tents, this was nothing short of a miracle!

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