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Monday, August 11, 2008

Seriously? We are not going to rock in heaven?

Having enjoyed Paste so much, I had the bright idea to hunt for a similar magazine that discussed current movements in Christian music. My first issue of Worship Leader arrived last week. Like Paste, it comes with a CD of new music and has articles about music and new artists. Unlike Paste, mostly I just gag and roll my eyes when listening to the CD and reading the articles. I understand that this Christian magazine is having to span a wide spectrum of audiences and must have a difficult time meeting the needs of worship leaders in traditional, blended, and contemporary settings. However, my instincts are still difficult to control.

Here's an example of a letter to the editor that triggered my gag reflex.
"I cannot tell you how turned off I am by all the distorted guitar I keep hearing. I will never believe that heaven, that glorious place of honor and majesty, will be like a Jesus Rock Fest. Can you not present your worship songs in other formats?" My first reflex was to throw the magazine across the room and yell "AAAHHHH!" My second thought was, ..... I certainly hope we get to rock out in heaven ..... I will be really disappointed if worship in Heaven is boring and dull.

So then I checked out the CD. Honestly, after reading that letter I was excited that maybe it would be some pretty rockin' stuff. Yeah, um, not so much. There were 2 or 3 songs that might work in our very contemporary setting, but most of the stuff sounded way too traditional. So then I am curious about why that particular reader was so offended? Is the church really that out of touch with mainstream music?

There were a couple of good articles in the magazine, (they may show up in a blog or two later this week), but most of them were also geared for a much more traditional audience. I did my best to read them all and not roll my eyes, because I am trying to appreciate this company's effort to minister to worship leaders in traditional settings. However, now I am back at the beginning. I am still interested in being on top of the latest, most current trends in the Christian music scene. I just am not sure how to make that happen. Anybody know of a better resource?

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The Missional Position said...

I don't know any specific worship magazines but Collide deals with worship more from a technology side of things and is really good.

see specifically this article about the demise of CCM magazine and the future of Ccm music as a genre:

And Relevant is from a Christian perspective and reviews books, movies, and music both secular and sacred. And they have a top notch website too: