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Friday, August 22, 2008

God was showing off when he made Africa!

Dirt. Primitive conditions. Desperate circumstances. Late nights. Early mornings. Elephants, rhinos, and giraffes. Hundreds of people choosing to follow Christ. Africa.

Tonight my good friend came over to the house and shared the story of his summer in Africa as a missionary. He and several other teens rode dirt bikes around Zambia this summer, ministering to children, primarily orphans. His pictures are stunning. I had heard that Africa is stunningly beautiful but never fully realized it until tonight. When God created Africa, maybe he was showing off. :) The circumstances of the children in the photos was such a stark contrast to the beauty of the continent. AIDS has robbed so many of these children of their family, their home, and their income. Because we do not see it every day, I think we are ignorant of their great need. I am so busy with my own stuff that I forget about the big picture. The world.

God has a heart for the nations. For children. For people. How can God use me to reach the world? In advance, whatever he wants, wherever he says to go, the answer is yes!

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