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Monday, October 20, 2008

Crazy Love

No, it's not a blog about my amazing marriage, but about a new worship book, "Crazy Love, overwhelmed by a relentless God", that I picked up the other night by Francis Chan. I am forcing myself to read slowly, a section at a time, so that I can contemplate and absorb what I'm reading. I'm one of those people that picks up a book, reads until it's over, looks up and realizes 12 hours passed by unnoticed. Very similar to sitting down to practice at the piano and time stands still until my children literally yell loud enough to get me to come back to earth.

Oh, wait, I got off track. The book. That's what this was about. I picked it up tonight, read the first sentence of the preface and went off to hunt my pen. I think my notes have taken over the book. Lots of stuff absolutely reaffirmed what God has been saying to me lately. Stuff about Christianity focusing on the narrow aspect of avoiding sin instead of God-pursuit, about surrender, about relying on technology instead of community, the show thing, and God's creative personality. It's like God was saying...."You are not alone in your quest for me. Be patient. I will be found. I will satisfy your hunger." Chan writes eloquently, with passion and wisdom. I am excited about reading this book. I'll let you know how it goes. And I will try to go slow. If you are reading along, I'm on page 30.

Life Blurbs:
*I made supper tonight...totally bribed my children...."I made brownies for anybody who doesn't complain about my cooking." What do you know, no complaints! I did forget that I had hidden dirty dishes in the oven until I smelled plastic burning when I was preheating the oven. No permanent damage done, just a funky smell in the kitchen.

*Testing students again this week. Exhausted, but pleased with their progress.

*One of my teammates dried her Tshirt. It is now Abby sized. Very funny drama about these shirts.

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rachel4fotoz said...

#1 rule for important clothing: DON'T PUT IT IN THE DRYER! (No matter what it is!!)