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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The other stuff

What, two blogs? Yes, I thought I would separate my other random thoughts from the Crazy Love blog. For those of you who like to keep things neat and organized, here's my other random thoughts tonight.

*listening to Nevertheless, "Rest". Love it. Maybe even more than "Sleeping In." Also picked up the new tenth avenue north CD. Looking forward to checking it out.

*Have a friend who was standing up in her rocking chair to staple something to the wall. Fell. Her daughter said, "Have you heard, my mom fell off her rocker." Funny!

*Just to show my insecurity a trip at Target tonight. I needed to grab a couple of things for school. I was walking past a sale rack and spotted a pair of black jeans that I liked. They were a size that I've not had on in about 8 years. I bought them and took them home with me because I was too nervous to try them on at Target. Like cold sweat, butterflies in my stomach nervous. Don't know why, that's just the way I am, didn't want to get my hopes up. Trying on clothes is a traumatic event that I dread and avoid as much as possible. But excited to say that they fit. No tears tonight.

1 comment:

rachel4fotoz said...

New skinny jeans? What a great day! Love you!