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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Some Freakin' Awesome music.

Yeah, I know I already blogged tonight, but I was hangin' out putting off schoolwork when I found some music I was really excited about. I was finishing off the September Worship Leader Magazine, going to referenced websites and checking out bands and stuff. I stumbled across some freakin' awesome bands. I added most of them as friends on myspace to help my musician friends find them as well. Here's my favorites - worth a listen if you're ever bored.

Nevertheless -
*occasionally you find a band with incredible talent and songs with lyrics that really hit home. That's this band. I've been listening to "Sleeping In" for weeks on the of Shawn's favorites, but tonight listened to some of their other stuff - absolutely freakin' awesome - WOW!

Above the Golden State -
*touring with Starfield - says a lot about their musical style

Jon Foreman -
*former lead for switchfoot - Very different sound - is folksy the right description? - than I usually choose, but I would definitely love to download some of this stuff.

Article One -
*pretty rockin' - some good stuff

A New Aboliton -
Especially liked "You Remain"

Bryan Brown -
*some great worship stuff - much softer than my usual slammin' tastes.

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